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TZ Strength Affiliate Programming is designed for gyms using the group fitness model to provide progressive, fun, inclusive, and challenging training for clients ranging from general population to aspiring competitors. The program is built by a professional, full time coach.


$200/4 Weeks
  • No Contracts Required.

  • Programming is based on a large survey of gyms and designed to meet average facility size, class size, class length, and equipment availability
  • Flexible yet structured programming allows for training which fits your unique needs while adhering to core principles of training
  • Sent out one week at a time, one week in advance to allow you to make desired or necessary modifications
  • $200/4 Weeks, no contracts required

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Are your clients getting what they want?

Comprehensive and effective programming for your clients that allows you to focus on what matters most.

  • Save time and focus more on your business.

  • Challenging and inclusive programming for clients of all ability levels.

  • Balance training variance and consistency to help clients reach their personal fitness goals.

Customer Reviews

“TZ Strength Affiliate Programming has tremendously improved the client experience at Cape Flattery Fitness. The program is well designed, fun and effective. Every block, there are PRs across the board. TZ Strength programming uses basic equipment, nothing fancy necessary. If you do have some odd objects or fancy equipment you want to implement, you have two days to program for your clients that keeps your gym’s culture unique. The regularly programmed extra work is great for those clients who want a little more each day. Warm-ups, scaling guides, timecaps, and a target intensity are included for each workout, so all of my coaches know exactly how to modify the day’s training for each client – no guesswork required. With all of the above taken care of, I’ve been able to focus on what got me into this in the first place – coaching! And as a small business owner, the amount of time saved allows me to enjoy life outside of the gym.”

Glenn Ellis, Owner/Head Coach, Cape Flattery Fitness