Run 30 minutes @ 6 + 400m Surges

@ 5:00, 10:00, 15:00, 20:00, and 25:00, Run 400m @ 9

Over the course of each 5 minute set, you should be gradually building your pace to a near maximal effort at the allotted time. Then cool down/recover as you enter the next segment, and start building your pace again.

Post results to comments.

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  • Cheryl Nasso

    1. 17.4- 13 reps less than last year, happy with this considering I feel far from ready for this season. also happy to have my video from last year to compare and strategize. Literally :30 sec is all I need throughout the whole workout, and it was really easy to find where that time went in my attempt this year vs last year!
    2. Snatch+ohs – meh! Tried to work up to 135# for my heavy sets (based off somewhat of an old heavy single) and it didn’t go well. hit it once, backed off and hit some more a little lighter
    3. 30/30/30-GHDSU
    70/70/80FT – I used 10 ft markers to make it somewhat standardized