Thus commences the final week of free-of-charge TZ Strength programming.

Beginning Monday, March 27th, all programming will be subscription only. There are three programs available:

Base: This is the programming which has been available on tzstrength.com since 2013. The program is designed to treat all areas of fitness equally, with an emphasis on sport specific development.

Strength & Power: This program is designed to bias the development of hypertrophy, top end strength, and the Olympic lifts, within the scope of improving the athlete’s sport specific fitness by bringing up these areas.

Endurance & Gymnastics: Essentially the inverse of the Strength & Power program, this specialization is designed for the athlete who is relatively superior with heavy weights, but needs to improve their gymnastics strength, skill, and capacity, as well as their general and sport specific endurance.

The S&P and E&G programs are all inclusive. The Strength & Power program includes your endurance and gymnastics training. The Endurance & Gymnastics program includes heavy lifting. Rather than layering unrelated programs on top of one another, these programs allow you to bias your training towards your weaknesses, while still focusing on the sport as a whole.

If you’d like to learn more or get signed up, go here to do some reading and drop me a line.


A new macrocycle of TZ Strength Affiliate Programming also begins on the 27th. If you’re looking to provide your members with programming that is equal parts inclusive and challenging, varied and consistent, serious and fun, all while saving yourself hours every week, fill out the contact form here to get started!



Snatch 75%x1x8


Push Press 2-3×1 @ 90% of 3RM load


1) “Helen”
3 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
21 Kettlebell Swings, 24kg/16kg
12 Pullups

2) 5 Rounds For Time:
7 Overhead Squats, 165#/110#
21 Double Unders

Post results to comments.

By | 2017-03-19T21:49:06+00:00 March 19th, 2017|2 Comments
  • Cheryl Nasso

    1. 17.4 redo- worse than Friday. Friday- worse than last year :/
    2. snatches at 125#
    3. 5 RFT- 2:47
    4. Push Press 140# for 3 singles

  • steve clegg

    17.4 redo. much better than last year!
    Snatches at 185- super easy
    5RFT- 3:57 for some reason I could not do a double under today. biggest set was 12