Just a few more days of the Open remain, and just a few more days of free TZ Strength programming. Here are the answers to a few questions:

When do I need to sign up by?

If you want your training to continue uninterrupted, please make sure to go here and fill out the contact form no later than Friday, so that I have time to get you set up before Monday! However, there is no deadline – you can get signed up whenever you want.

Same goes for Affiliates – if you want to get in on the next macrocycle, go here and contact me by Friday for best results, but you can get on board at any time.

What will happen to the TZ Strength blog?

Don’t you worry! The blog will still be active, but the focus will shift to providing helpful content about programming, training, and coaching. Stay tuned!


1) Clean 75%x1x5
2) Overhead Squat 1 @ 7, 1 @ 8, 1 @ 9


3 Rounds For Time:
10 One Legged Squats, alternating
10 Box Jump Overs, 24″/20″
10 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans, 55#/35#
10 Back Extensions
10 Pushups

Post results to comments.

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  • steve clegg

    Cleans- 245 easy peasy
    OHS- 315 PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sport- 4:50