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TZ Strength Specialized Programming is designed to emphasize the area of fitness you want to focus on, within the context of fitness sport. Improve your weaknesses without sacrificing your strengths.

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Movement is king.

I contend that if the physiological markers of capacity – aerobic base, V02 max, anaerobic threshold, and so on – of the athletes who make it to the CrossFit Games were measured, the differences found would be marginal, and likely would not correlate with the final results of the competition.

The best CrossFit athletes – the ones who consistently find themselves on or near the podium – move better than their competitors. They clean & jerk more for a top single, and incur a lower metabolic cost when performing 30 reps at submaximal weight, because their mechanics are superior across the board.

A supreme example of this phenomenon can be found in watching Rich Froning compete against Jason Khalipa during the live announcement of CrossFit Open WOD 13.5

Watch the thrusters in final minutes of Khalipa’s performance, and compare his movement to Froning’s at that same time. Further, watch Froning (who proceeded to the next round where Khalipa did not) in the final minutes of his performance. Khalipa is a tremendous athlete, tough as nails, and undoubtedly would show impressive results if tested for classical markers of capacity. But where he fell short – where many great athletes fall short – is consistency in movement. Towards the end, his chest is dropping, weight is coming forward, and he is failing to use his hips and legs effectively to lock the bar overhead.

Meanwhile, every single rep Froning does looks identical to the one before it. In this, I believe, is the key to taking performance beyond the limits of capacity alone.

With this in mind, I place a high value on improving movement across the board. The programming is roughly equal parts weightlifting, gymnastics, and aerobic development, and all about minding the details. During the off season, strength, mechanics, and capacity are primarily addressed as individual components. In the preseason, the lines start to blur as we begin to merge the new levels of ability built in the previous months into a cohesive whole. Finally, the competition season focuses on specific preparation and execution of the Open, Regionals, and Games events.

Throughout the entire year, athletes will be encouraged to prioritize superior movement patterns in all of their efforts. Once capacity has been developed, he who moves best, finishes first.

JACOB TSYPKINChief Trolling Officer and Head of Gainz
Jacob Tsypkin is the founder of TZ Strength, a company dedicated to providing coaching, programming, and resources for athletes competing in the sport of CrossFit. Jacob has been involved with CrossFit for nearly a decade, and has been working with competitors since 2009, and has helped both teams and individuals achieve high levels of competition in multiple regions. He has also been mentored by some of the top weightlifting coaches in the United States, and helped athletes reach the podium at national meets in both USA Weightlifting and USA Powerlifting.