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Specialized training programming which emphasizes one of the four constituent elements of fitness sport, in a context which allows for continued improvement in the other domains of training.


$75/4 Weeks
  • No Contracts Required.

The TZ Strength Base Program is designed for all-around development, lending equal attention to all the characteristics necessary for maximizing your potential in fitness sport. You will concurrently develop your weightlifting, strength, endurance, gymnastics, and sport specific fitness year round, with periodization aimed at eliciting peak performance in the CrossFit Games Open.


$75/4 Weeks
  • No Contracts Required.

Do you often find yourself staring at the rings, making sure that you wait long enough to be able to grind out one more muscle-up? Do you hit the wall early on handstand pushups? Do weights that are light for your top end strength and power stop you in your tracks as soon as your heart rate goes up? The Gymnastics & Endurance Program will help you develop bodyweight strength and skill as well as a big aerobic base, which will then be molded into sport specific preparation for fitness sport – all while maintaining or improving your strength and power.


$75/4 Weeks
  • No Contracts Required.

This program is for athletes who find their overall performance limited by their ability to move maximal loads in the primary barbell lifts: snatch, clean & jerk, squat, push press, deadlift. If you need a way to add muscle mass, improve weightlifting technique, and develop leg and shoulder strength, without sacrificing your endurance and gymnastics in the long term, this is the program for you.

Improve your weaknesses, without sacrificing your strengths.

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Often, athletes will simply attempt to layer programs on top of one another


Mixing a strength program from one source, with an endurance program from another, and sport specific preparation from a third can work – but it’s efficacy is limited in two major ways:

(1) None of the pieces of this puzzle will take account of each other. As a result, stressors will often be over applied, under applied, or misapplied.

(2) Each element of this piecemeal program will be designed to develop one quality in isolation – in other words, it is not designed for the sport in which you are trying to compete!

Build skills and strength needed for the sport of fitness

Improve Overall fitness with the big picture in mind

TZ Strength Specialized Programs are designed to bias a certain set of characteristics, without sacrificing the larger vision of maximizing overall fitness. Each program is in line with the ultimate goal of developing specific areas in a way that contributes to improving your performance in fitness sport.