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The TZ Warm-Up isn’t really just a warm-up.


Pulling, Pushing, Squatting, and Midline, plus an aerobic component at the beginning or worked in as a recurring part of the circuit. What follows are some basic rules for crafting an individual version of the TZ Warm-Up. It is a circuit of movements which should be used to prepare the body for, or cool down the body from training, while practicing deficient skills and slightly increasing the total workload. It is very similar to the CrossFit Warm-Up.

So, it might look something like this:

1000m row, focusing on a set pace, then 3 sets: 5 strict pullups/5 handstand pushups/7-8 one legged squats per side/15 hollow rocks


Or let’s say you’re really working on developing the strength for a perfect turnover in your muscle-up:

3 sets: 5 strict, false grip ring pullups/5 strict, bottomed out ring dips/10 jerk grip overhead squats with light weight/1:00 front plank/50 double unders

Movements may be switched to train strength (strict pullup,) skill (butterfly pullup,) or a particular capacity (chest-to-bar pullups, unbroken sets of X.)